Our Story

I started Beyond Words Consulting Inc. in 2002 after a 15-year career at a well-known presentation skills firm. We are a global communication and presentation skills company and I’m proud of our team. I’ve known our facilitators for more than 20 years and we come from all walks of life: executives, managers, sales professionals, teachers and entrepreneurs. The common thread that flows through our team is a core belief that effective communication is not a soft skill. #notasoftskill

Communicating with confidence and credibility is a critical skill that closes deals, gets buy-in for new initiatives, educates employees and helps capture their hearts and minds. We would go so far as to say this is a life skill. Credibility is your connection tool to differentiate you in any communication situation. Connect with us so we can take your organization’s communication skills to the next level. #notasoftskill

Rose Venditto

About Rose Venditto

international communication and presentation skills Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

We only have time for a 2 hour session. Will we still get value from such a short session?

Our clients often opt for shorter sessions. In a 2 hour session, we can absolutely raise your awareness about the credibility skills and we’ll still get in 2 video recorded exercises!

We do presentation training in-house already. Why should we bring your company in?

Many of our clients do this type of training in-house. Depending on your position in the company, you may feel more comfortable being coached from an outside firm. We are also brought in as the “next level” to in-house training. 

What if I have already attended a presentation class a year ago?

That’s great news. We recommend clients go through a class like this every year. Because of our methodology, we’ll coach you to the next level.